Four Content Themes


The digital age of broadcasting is here. How do you bring together a fragmented audience? We’ll be discussing the value of rights in this disrupted ecosystem and assessing the challenges and opportunities for rights holders and media companies in pursuit of a viewership in constant flux.

Key sessions include:

  • Assessing the plans of the social and tech giants
  • The right models for the OTT era
  • From building big ratings to the audience of one
  • Broadcast tech – bringing new concepts into sports storytelling, from 8K to player data


As communities forged in the digital space grow ever more powerful, from fan groups and influencer-led tribes to esports, the sports industry is under increasing pressure to deliver tailored content and experiences. Live will ask how to embrace this environment and bring digital benefits to the real world. 

 Key sessions include:

  • Responsive, smart venues for the 21st century matchday
  • VR & AR: Bringing the arena experience home, bringing the broadcast experience to the arena
  • Formats and innovation: tailoring the action on the field to new tastes and technologies
  • Personalising engagement: bringing the esports model into sport 


Where is the money coming from in sport, and where should it be going? Where is the value in the industry? We’ll be discussing how technology and social development are giving rise to new opportunities for rights holders and investors

Key sessions include:

  • New technological assets for rights holders
  • China and India: the rising powerhouses and the new money map
  • Using sport to grow start-ups
  • How AI can help you work smarter and spend more wisely 


With fans and audiences able to get closer than ever to the sports they love, how can the organisations running those sports make sure they are fit for purpose? Live will emphasise the need to diversify the views, experience and background of the industry’s leaders to drive success in a new era.

Key sessions include:

  • Women in leadership - executive journeys
  • Learning lessons from outside of sport
  • Diversity and transparency
  • Trust and integrity

Key 2017 Points




Director level or above



1 in 3

from overseas




Mark Parkman, General Manager, Olympic Channel

"SportsPro Live is an incredible gathering of sports leaders to discuss and network."

Ralph Rivera, Managing Director, Eurosport Digital

"Excellent content, great speakers, well hosted and truly insightful. It reignited my passion for the industry."