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SportsPro Live 2017 highlights reel

Bill Sweeney stresses the importance of maintaining @TeamGB’s “high performance system” alongside good governance & transparency #SPLive17

78% of players support funding athletes | 68% felt more positive about the brand Adam Chataway shares the impact of #Rio2016 on @TNLUK...

Engagement is key for athletes on social media, agree Matt Gentry & @SiBayliff #SPLive17 #smsports

In a year’s time we’ll see how federations “access social as a real opportunity” to drive value for them & stakeholders - @MarkBrowning00

“You’re asking turkeys to vote for Christmas” Ed Warner on the changes required to how international sport is governed #SPLive17

Sir Craig Reedie of @wada_ama wants international federations to believe that clean sport is "essential" #SPLive17

Martial arts is "a way of life" in Asia & that's what @ONEChampionship looks to celebrate, @YODCHATRI tells the #SPLive17 crowd

“Everyone has embraced it” C4 Head of Marketing James Walker on the "incredibly powerful" @C4Paralympics partnership #SPLive17 #Paralympics

The IPC's Alexis Schaefer admits there is 'work to do' to raise awareness of Paralympic sport in South Korea before next year's Winter Games

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